HSIN-LONG Thread Rolling Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. We design and manufacture a wide range of high precision extruder parts and assemblies for plastic machinery, such as Film Blowing Dies, Blow Molding Dies, Screen changer Rotation Units, Air Rings and other plastic machine parts.

Address: No.168, Heping E. Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-6-2533861
Fax: +886-6-2540432
E-mail: sales@hsin-long.com.tw
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Products support:
- Blown Film Machines
- Extruder
- Precision Die Head & Co-Extrusion Die Head
- Take-Up Unit
- Oscillating Haul Off System & Vertical Haul Off System
- Winding Unit
- Bubble Cage & Stabilizer
- Rotary Unit
- Manual Screen Changers and Filter